Contributing to a better environment is not always easy. Appeal plays an important role in the environment.

Recent years more attention has been given to environmental care as part of responsible entrepreneurship, both from the sector in which Matel Metaal operates and from the customer.

Matel Metaal also wants to make an important contribution to the care for the environment in the broadest sense. Our Design & Construct department has an eye for sustainability, which reflects in our material applications.

Bamboo is one of these materials. Unlike hardwood, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. There are certain types of bamboo of which already growth rates of one meter per day have been observed. This is three times faster than the fastest growing tree. Therefore, the growth and cut technique are the main environmental arguments which are very positive for this type of material. This way, the growing need for wood cladding of staircases and railings is met excellently.

The advantages of bamboo are:

  • durable, tough, wear-resistant, sustainable;
  • much harder than many other woods because of its compact fibre structure;
  • little shrinkage/expansion;
  • thrives under wet and dry conditions;
  • contains no toxic substances and does not cause allergies.