Matel Metal BV performs in-house constructional calculations and drawings. We translate your ideas into a design, support this with strength calculations and achieve this within the available budget. With years of experience and expertise we can give you detailed advice. We always have suitable alternatives at hand. In any situation, you can rely on our creativity, quality and versatility. Always supported by our up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations.

Meeting and visiting the factory

During an introductory interview we list your needs and translate this into a suitable design and quotation. We invite you to take a look in our design department and factory. This way you will know exactly who Matel Metaal is and you can see for yourself how much care we devote to designing and manufacturing staircases and railings.

Cooperation between you and Matel Metaal

Matel Metaal has everything at hand to design, manufacture and install your staircase and railing. We work with professionals only, each with his or her own expertise. Together we discuss the possibilities and the most suitable solution.

3D design

We translate your needs, requirements and possibilities in a suitable design. To visualise the whole project we present the preliminary design in 3D. Next we implement your comments in a final 3D design. We will not make the drawings and put your staircase into production until you are completely satisfied with the design.

Delivery and installation

The staircase will be delivered in agreement with you. We can advise you on the exact moment during the construction process the staircase should be installed. To prevent damage our specialised installation teams can provide the installation for you. We make clear agreements well in advance, so that the construction can proceed as planned.