When building or renovating your house, we advise you to think carefully about the function and position of the staircase in your house. Is a contractor or architect involved in the design of your plans? Discuss your preferences at an early stage. This way they can keep your wishes and choice of staircase in mind at the first draft.

An open or closed staircase

The decision between an open or a closed staircase determines the appearance of the staircase to a high extent. Personal preference, but also the location in your home can help determine your final choice. An open staircase naturally has a luxurious look. Also an open staircase appears more spacious in a small entrance. What function does the space under the stairs get? These are all things to think through thoroughly. We can advise you on the possibilities and help you make a wise decision.

The model

The shape and width your staircase will have does not only depend on your personal preference. To a certain extent the floor plan of your home and the space you have available are also influential. A spiral staircase and a quarter turn spiral staircase, for instance, are best suitable for smaller areas and niches; while straight staircases are mainly applied in long, straight hallways or livings.

Besides spiral staircases and straight staircases, you can also opt for a plateau staircase and a winding staircase. These models fit perfectly in both small and large spaces.

A floating staircase is a staircase of which the steps are fitted on one side of the wall only. A floating staircase is the perfect choice for open (living) areas.