With Design & Construct Matel Metaal thinks out-of-the-box

To realise your order for stair cases and railings, you need quick-thinking people with a no-nonsense attitude. Matel Metaal speaks the language of contractors. We are construction people and know exactly what  you need to quickly and professionally do your job. We think out-of-the-box to always be one step ahead. Because we know that you would rather have had the quotation yesterday than today and that, without us, the implementation of paragraph 32 of the specifications for stairs and railings would unnecessarily take much of your time. With our total concept Design & Construct we anticipate (potential) problems and ensure you that your project will be established on time.

Matel Metaal is your partner in implementing paragraph 32 of the specifications. Construction calculations and drawings are realised in-house. We test the specifications for staircases and railings both on constructive aspects and financial aspects. We can advise you thoroughly on how to realise the project best and we always have suitable alternatives at hand. Even if the target does not seem to be met due to an unclear request, you can rely on our creativity, quality and versatility. Supported always by our up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations.

Your project is our project

We only work with the best professionals, each with his or her own knowledge and skills. The flat structure of our organisation with its no-nonsense attitude increases our power. Matel Metaal acts as your partner. Therefore we keep communication lines short in order to respond to any situation with flexibility and speed. You will notice this during the design and the calculations, but also during the manufacturing of your staircase or railing. We think along with you. When a calculation is needed shortly, we will arrange it immediately. We do not hesitate to consult the situation at site. Your project is our project. Even if you are pressed for time, you can rely on Matel Metaal as your flexible partner.

Only the best materials at the best prices are good enough

Our staircases and railings are manufactured from sustainable and high-quality steel. Due to our unprecedented combination possibilities with wood, stone, stainless steel and glass, our products are made to any custom design. Even implementing a stair case completely out of stainless steel belongs to the possibilities. We only work with the best materials. At Matel Metaal making high-quality end-products begins with responsible and critical purchasing. The best quality at the best price. Exactly as you would do it yourself.

100% quality control

Stair cases by Matel Metaal are supplied and fitted worldwide. We work with and for reputable parties. All our products meet strict quality standards and leave the factory only after a 100% quality control.

Specialised installation teams ensure quality

Our carefully produced products can be installed by us with just the same care. Our specialised installation teams know exactly how to prevent damage during the installation. This way quality is guaranteed during the construction.