Partner for contractors in Design & Construct

Matel Metaal is a partner in Design & Construct for contractors. As a versatile welding and construction company we design, produce and install stairs and railings. We provide complete customised solutions and think solutions for all your stair cases, railings and small construction work.

Design & Construct: Matel Metaal BV has all the expertise at hand

As a leader in the field of Design & Construct Matel Metaal aims at realising your project on time and within the available budget. We have all the necessary expertise at hand for the implementation of your request for stair cases and railings. Read more about this powerful concept.

Up-to-date knowledge about rules and regulations

As a board member of the technical committee of the association for ‘Nederlandse Trappen Fabrikanten’ (Dutch Staircase Manufacturers) Matel Metaal has an up-to-date knowledge of rules and regulations. This committee provides solicited and unsolicited advice to include the Dutch government.

Multi-technique: welding and sheet metal

Matel Metaal  has a workplace of more than 2,000 m². Our modern welding and sheet metal department is equipped with highly advanced machinery. With our own punch nibbling machine we provide sheet metal perforations professionally. We deliver custom-built products for all your small construction work. Look at multi-technique what we can do for you in the field of construction work.