certificationMatel Metaal CE certification ensures quality with a hallmark.

From July 1, 2014, European legislation requires producers of steel building products to be certified according to EN 1090.

In particular, the CE certification means

  • for us: complying with the latest requirements allowing the Dutch market and the European Union to remain accessible for Matel Metaal;
  • for you: remaining familiar or relying and building on the Design and Construct Work by Matel


Programme for certification

The fact that the CE certification was to come stuck out like asore thumb. The path leading to it was nevertheless tough.One of the things we had to do was identifying how we controlled the factory’s production and record that into a system of quality management.

To this end, we implemented ISO 9001. In terms of training some things had to be done too, according to NEN-EN ISO 3834. To give an example: in our profession welding is a critical process. From start to finish, the course of this is now accompanied by specially trained welding coordinators. Moreover, Matel Metal is VCA * certified.

Execution Class 3

Within the range of four classes of execution, with 1 being the lightest and 4 the heaviest gradation, we opted for Execution Class 3. This includes bleachers, stairs and balustrades in public buildings. Building products of which the effects – should something unexpectedly go wrong – will be easy to guess on economic, social, environmental and human level. For Matel Metaal Execution Class 3 is a logical choice because we wish to continue building stairs and railings in, for instance, concert halls. Class 4 is applicable to very exceptional
structures such as nuclear power plants. This does not apply to us.

We have successfully completed the whole roadmap and now we are fully CE certified according to NEN-EN 1090 EXC3 (Execution Class 3).

Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT)

If construction works such as stairs and railings are delivered without a CE certificate after July 1, 2014, this is an economic crime. The ILT monitors the proper compliance. Perhaps even more important however, is the fact that your insurance may not reimburse costs in case of damage or injury. It is therefore essential that you outsource stairs and railings to a CE certified company such as Matel Metaal.


matel-cert-vca2 matel-cert-iso9001 matel-cert-vcamatel-cert-ce

EN ISO 3834-2 certificaat 2014NEN-EN 1090-1 2009A12011 certificaat 2014