Design & Construct: a powerful overall concept

As a leader in the field of Design and Construct we position ourselves as your partner. We are specialised in paragraph 32 of the architectural specifications and have all the knowledge and skills to advise you extensively on your design. We deliver custom-built products and think solutions. For stair cases, fencing, railings and small construction work. From design to implementation.

Does your client receive what you have drawn?

Projects are designed by you as an architect with great commitment and creativity. Every detail of the design makes sense. However, does you client receive what you have drawn without being confronted with excessive work? How do you prevent disappointment with your client because compromises have to be made to quality and/or design?

Provide a well-formulated question

By formulating the question clearly, the contractor will be able to align the quotation with the design you have in mind. A good financial plan will ensure the implementation of the project with the design without later surprises. Furthermore, the contractor will know exactly what is expected and the project will not suffer from delays.

Allow Matel Metaal to be your specialist!

By involving Matel Metaal in the design at an early stage you will prevent later surprises. During the design we stand by you as a partner to provide constructive and financial advice. We guarantee a proper request to contractors by carefully formulating the design in paragraph 32. We deliver complete specification texts with beautiful pictures and strength calculations.

Thanks to their expertise, our professionals are able to indicate at an early stage whether the design is feasible both constructively and financially and how the project can be realised best. We always have suitable alternatives at hand and offer customised solutions. In any situation you can rely on our creativity, quality and versatility. Supported always by our up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations.

Only the best materials at the best price

Our staircases and balustrades are made of sustainable and high-quality steel. Because of the unprecedented combination possibilities with wood, stone, stainless steel and glass, our products can be custom-made to you design. Even a staircase completely made of stainless steel is possible. We merely work with the best materials. At Matel Metaal making high-quality end-products begins with responsible and critical purchasing. The best quality at the best price.

100% quality control

Stair cases by Matel Metaal are supplied and fitted worldwide. We work with and for reputable parties. From functional to exclusive designer stairs and railings, our products meet strict quality standards and leave the factory only after a 100% quality control.

Specialised installation teams ensure quality

Our carefully produced products can be installed by us with just the same care. Our specialised installation teams know exactly how to prevent damage during the installation. This way quality is guaranteed during the construction.