Matel Metaal designs, produces and assembles staircases and handrails. As an industrial manufacturer with a feel for design we work together closely with our architects.

Matel Metaal has everything at hand

Merely professional personnel work at Matel Metaal. Each person with his or her own skills. As a result we have a wide range of expertise of which we are very proud. Construction calculations and drawings are carried out in-house. Our constructor is a member of the technical  commission of the ‘Nederlandse Trappen Federatie’ (Dutch Staircase Federation) which gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the Dutch government. There is no better guarantee that our knowledge of laws and regulations is up-to-date.

What does Matel Metaal has to offer you as an architect?

Design & Construct

With Design & Construct Matel Metaal gives meaning to paragraph 32 of the architectural specifications. A unique overall concept from design and construction calculations to manufacturing and assembling of staircases.

Architectural specifications

The information platform by Matel Metaal is exclusively designed for you as an architect. View and download our staircase drawings, photographs and architectural specifications. We have supported the information with strength calculations and technical specifications.


Matel Metaal has its own welding and sheet metal department for small construction work. In our workplace of more than 2,000 m² we make use of modern production methods by using sophisticated machinery.

Expertise as a member of the technical committee NTF

As a board member of the technical committee of the association for ‘Nederlandse Trappen Fabrikanten’ (Dutch Staircase Manufacturers) Matel Metaal has an up-to-date knowledge of laws and regulations.